Annual Drag Show

Lilia Starnes | Staff Writer | Nov. 20, 2019

Alumna drag king Madison struts through Buffington’s at the drag show Nov. 7.
Lilia Starnes | Staff Writer

It was a rainy night in downtown Milledgeville on Nov. 7. All that could be heard was Lady Gaga and the cheers of an overly packed bar, it was the annual Pride Alliance Drag Show.  

Each fall and spring semester the Pride Alliance hosts its Drag Show Fundraiser. The well-anticipated event is held at Buffington’s. 

“The drag show is one of my favorite events that happens at GC,” said Sydney Saxon, senior liberal studies major and publicist for Pride Alliance. “It’s actually one of the few events I heard about before even coming to GC.”

Behind the death drops and meticulously beat faces is months of preparation and tryouts. Drag is like any well-run performance, rehearsals and groundwork are vital for the success of the show. 

“The Drag Show takes about two months to plan but the conversation around hosting and planning it starts at the beginning of each semester,” said Courtney Anne Henry, a senior sociology and liberal studies major and president of Pride Alliance. “In all, we have to set a date, put out a call for performers, design posters, sell tickets, as well as have rehearsal and run through the sets.”

Drag queens and kings do more than sport flashy outfits and a face full of makeup. Drag is an art form of self-expression that is commonly done through lip-synching or impressions. 

This year’s Pride Alliance Drag Show included two drag queens and two drag kings. JJ’s performance of Fergalicious by Fergie had everyone dancing and singing along and particularly awe as JJ dropped into numerous splits throughout the performance. 

“The attention, I love people looking at me,” said Joshua-James Simon, a sophomore undecided major. Joshua-James who is commonly known as JJ around GC is not new to Drag. “I could do it in front of anyone I have done shows in Atlanta and all over.”

Emma Lammers | Illustrator

With there being no standing room in Buffington’s, it made it tricky for the queen and kings to strut through the aisles. Madison who was decked out in a floor-length fur coat was the first drag king of the evening and lip-synched Macklemore’s hit song Thrift Shop. 

As the bottom of the coat hit the aisles, the cash tips went flying. “My favorite thing about drag is the confidence it gives each person,” said Madison, GC alumni. “As myself, I could never go up on stage.”

The Pride Alliance Drag Show simultaneously puts on an event student and community members look forward to each year while also raising money for their organization. This year’s show made $1,871 which will go towards events throughout the semester. 

“The money that we raise from the drag show goes towards funding semesterly programming and events such as the Come Out Cookout as well as sending members to Creating Change each January,” said Henry. 

Look out for the spring Pride Alliance Drag Show at Buffington’s.