Beat the heat and cut your hair 

Ava Leone | Web Content Editor | Oct. 9, 2019

Barbers at Jones Barber and Styling work to give their clients a new cut on Oct. 4
Catherine James | Photo Editor

October is upon us and, with temperatures still in the high 80s and 90s, the heat has not subsided, making it the perfect time for a mid-semester haircut. 

Milledgeville offers a variety of hair salons and barbershops to freshen up your locks. Some, like Jones Barber & Styling and the Hair Bar are within walking distance of campus, while others like Glow Salon, 5 Star Beauty & Fashion and Runs with Scissors Salon are a bit of a drive, but worth the experience. 

“We get a lot of GMC and GC kids,” said Antoine Waal, a barber at Jones Barber & Styling and son of the owner. 

Waal said the barbers work best with clients who have short hair. The most popular styles requested are fades, crew cuts and undercuts. 

“They [customers] come in here with hair about your length [below shoulders] and we’ll tell them they’ve got to go to a salon,” Waal said. 

Waal does not shy away from razor design. His most popular design requests are straight and crooked lines, but shaving butterflies into his client’s hair remains his favorite design. 

Waal said that seeing the finished product is the most rewarding aspect of cutting hair.

“You meet so many different people,” Waal said. “I love cutting hair too though. I love seeing my work. It’s like art to me.”

Waal works for his father at the barbershop and enjoys the luxuries associated with being self-employed, including making his “own money” and being his “own boss.”

Waal said that the barbershop acts as a sort of therapy for both himself and his clients. Some regulars come in and ask for a listening ear instead of a haircut. Waal said he welcomes those who need to decompress and loves to listen. 

Waal refers those with longer hair across the street to the Hair Bar. They offer a variety of cuts, colors and blowouts, and have a nail bar underneath the salon. 

Runs with Scissors Salon offers coloring, cuts, highlighting and they work with natural hair. Their staff works to create a family-friendly environment for their customers, and they are about a ten-minute drive from campus. 

5 Star Beauty & Fashion sells a variety of products including crochet, wigs and braid hair products. The store offers clothing and is praised for its customer service, organization and quality hair products.

Some students are making the transition from at-home hair cuts to professional salons. 

“I cut it [her hair] myself – basically my dorm room bathroom,” said Isabella Banich, a freshman environmental science major. “I want my hair professionally colored like a navy color and just trimmed.” 

Banich said the Hair Bar caught her interest because it is within walking distance of campus and looks professional. The Hair Bar works perfectly for those who need a trim between classes or an up-do before an event. 

Glow Salon requires a short drive, but they offer deals some students cannot pass up. GC students receive 10% off their purchase and can use their Bobcat cards to pay. 

They offer cuts, color, highlighting, keratin treatments, extensions, eyebrow waxing, face waxing and spray tans. 

“I would say the most popular [cut] is a balayage [a gradient highlight], collar bone, lob, would be the number one,” said Christa Abbott Phillips, owner. “Everybody’s cutting their hair off right now.”

Abbott Phillips said that the salon works with almost all hair types except for relaxed hair because the product chemicals mixed with relaxer could damage the hair. 

The stylists work on a seven-tiered level based system that classifies their skill level and pricing points. A stylist fresh out of school with little experience charges lower prices than a stylist with years of experience. 

“When clients walk in, we give them something to drink, offer them a cookie,” said Abbott Phillips. “We all speak to each other’s clients. We try to treat people the way we want to be treated.” 

Christa and Eric Abbott Phillips founded the salon on family-oriented and goal-driven ideals. They use the salon as a medium for young stylists to hone their skills. 

Milledgeville hosts many hair salons, so try out some mentioned above or find the one that best suits you! Make sure to do a quick Google search before making a reservation.