Brrrrrr, baby it’s cold outside 

Students bundle up in style to face the cold weather 

Erin Giuliano | Staff Writer | Nov. 20, 2019

As the cold breeze rolls in and brings the winter months, students are swapping out tank tops and flip-flops for chunky sweaters and beanies. 

The Chronicle of Higher Education published an article about college fashion in 2016.  

“The fashion historian Valerie Steele scoffed that ‘academics may be the worst-dressed middle-class occupational group.’ Today this perception remains intact, as even campus security — certainly not the arbiters of fashion and style — label us ‘planet corduroy.’”

The outfit of choice for a full day of classes is important because once you depart for classes, there is no going back. 

The cold weather allows students to transition from their summer clothes to their winter clothes giving them an opportunity to show off a new and different type of style. 

Paige Bunn
Erin Giuliano | Staff Writer

“When the winter weather comes around, I strictly dress ‘comfy cute’ and I do this because I can be comfortable in what I am wearing but still confident throughout the day,” said Paige Bunn, a senior marketing major. 

Bunn also explained that dressing cute but comfy allows her to stay focused on her studies and what she needs to do. 

She said that if she feels good about herself and what she is wearing, then it allows her to focus and get more done throughout the day. 

On the other hand, if she were to wear sweatpants and a sweatshirt, that would be too comfy and all she would want to do is get back in bed. 

“Honestly, if you are a student and you lack motivation or focus, try wearing something that makes you feel confident while still comfy,” Bunn said. “I promise it will help you out with focus and motivation to get things done.”  

When approaching Bunn, she was wearing light blue jeans, a tan cozy sweater and white sneakers. She explained that the jeans were on the looser side, allowing comfort still, and the sweater was warm and complimented her jeans. She chose white sneakers because they match everything. 

Giselle Arcaute
Erin Giuliano | Staff Writer

Another GC student who takes pride in what they wear to class is Giselle Arcaute, a junior exercise science major.

“I am from Los Angeles and everyone there dresses nice, so I am used to it,”  Arcaute said. ” On top of that, I like to look cute I think it is fun and shows my personality.”

Arcaute, wearing a black shirt, black jean pants, boots and bag and a cropped tan puffy jacket, explained that in Los Angeles it is an unsaid trend that we look our best at all times. 

Aside from the trend of Los Angeles, she also just enjoys fashion and expressing herself through her clothes. 

Kyle Ross a junior management major also sticks with the comfy but trendy style. 

Kyle Ross
Erin Giuliano | Staff Writer

“I like to dress comfortable to class because if you aren’t comfortable then you are already going to be unhappy with your situation,” Ross said.

Ross explained that it is important to be comfortable during class to be able to pay attention and focus on your schoolwork rather than whether you are comfortable or not.

He likes to dress more relaxed for class but still presentable to give him a sense of confidence while on campus.

The winter season is just beginning and GC students are already bringing out the trendy and warm outfits for class. 

Each student puts thought into what they are wearing, whether it be sweatpants and a sweatshirt or even a suit. Students are coming out of the house with a purpose.