Can you dig it?

Jordyn Moellering broke the GC Volleyball career digs record with 1,309

Gaige Gagnon | Staff Writer | Nov. 20, 2019

Moellering ranked third in the PBC in digs a year ago
Photo courtesy of GC Sports

Jordyn Moellering was named Bobcat Athlete of the Week for breaking the school’s career digs record with 1309 after just two-plus seasons.

A dig is achieved when a player passes a ball that has been attacked by the opposition, therefore keeping it in play.

Moellering plays libero. The libero is a defensive specialist most responsible for reacting to the opposing team’s attacked balls and getting digs.

The junior jumped from third to first on the career digs list thanks to 21 digs during the five-set marathon with Flagler.

“The way we lined up our defense, coach was funneling the balls to me,” Moellering said. “I was in the game at all times so balls just kept on coming to me.”

Jordyn’s on-court intelligence plays a vital role in her success.  

“Jordyn has a really high volleyball IQ,” said Gretchen Krumdieck, GC Women’s Volleyball head coach. “She sees the plays develop and has a really good reaction time.”

The team orients itself around Moellering’s ability to dig—an early indicator to her coach that success was in her future. 

“I kind of thought that this might happen,” said Krumdieck. “She did it faster than I thought which was awesome.”

The broken record is a testament to the hard work and dedication Moellering has put into the sport she has played since fifth grade.

“I’m a very competitive person and I like to get things going,” Moellering said. 

Although the Bobcats have had a tough season thus far, the team knows that Moellering is trying to work hard for them.

“I work my butt off even outside the court,” Moellering said. “I try really hard for the team because I want to be successful and I want them to know I’m trying to be successful for them.”

Moellering says she looks up to the old libero, Chandler Ewaldson, a lot.

“Chandler was incredible, a great team leader and great player,” Moellering said. “I always knew my standards were really high because I was following in her footsteps.”

Moellering says she tries to play and lead like Ewaldson.

After winning Bobcat Athlete of the Week and breaking the school’s career digs record, Moellering says she wants to keep her competitive mindset going forward.

“I’m never going to stop working hard, that’s just kind of who I am,” said Moellering. “I don’t want to ever be complacent and content with what I have.”

Moellering feels that the recognition is rewarding and that it shows her hard work is paying off.