Carl’s Column

Carl Tuléus | Contributing Writer | Nov. 20, 2019

Jessica Gratigny | Asst. Photographer

I couldn’t help but wonder, what was more unpredictable, the weather in Georgia or my motivation. It is at the end of my first semester here at GC that I realized that it was Milledgeville, that Katy Perry was singing about in “Hot N´Cold.” I remember in my first column, writing about how my winter jacket was laughing in my room… None of us are laughing now though. 

It was really cute when the leaves were falling and the squirrels stopped scaring me, but it has gone too far. The whole point of studying in Georgia was the sun, and to finally live in a place where it’s socially acceptable to wear a cowboy hat in public. Here I am, freezing and when I told a fellow student I bought cowboy boots she asked if it was for a masquerade. 

Still, even if I am freezing and probably losing hair from all the stress; I did have an amazing ending to this year. I visited America for the first time (obviously), passed out at Six Flags, had a Coke Float (still have a lot of questions regarding Americans desserts) and met all of you. 

Meeting all of you is probably the thing that will have the most impact on me. I know it sounds cheesy and I do feel like Kirsten Dunst in the end of “Mona Lisa Smile”, where she finally decides to choose career over men and writes that column. But I’ve felt so much love here, and second of all putting cheese on everything is kind of American so maybe I’ve just adapted?

Being an international student, I had the privilege to meet people from all over the world. From Balochistan and Moldova to Tajikistan, Japan and Alaska, and of course many more places. I got to make all these American friends, hearing about your lives and exploring your cultures. Most of all, and I know this gives you an even bigger Mona Lisa Smile-vibe, but the highlight of my year was meeting some of the professors and staff at GC. I wouldn’t have had half as much fun outside of the classroom if it weren’t for people like Susie, Sandy, Jimmy, Miss Mary, Tony, Carmen or Pam.

And, if it wouldn’t have been for my teacher Pate McMichael, I would’ve canceled Monday’s overall. TGFP (thank God for Pate), from all the amazing catch-phrases such as “you need to look under the hood” and “you have to get all the Russian dolls to open” to making an actual call to a cooperation, in-class – asking about their tax papers. Literally giving us the lesson of using our legal right, to access the information our country is obligated to share with us.

McMichael has not only taught me to become a great stalker ( and to look up salaries and estate) –he taught our class to become real journalists. Even though I would love to talk more about how much I love Pate I’́d like to end this by using my voice for the better; I urge Governor Greg Abbott to stop the execution of Rodney Reed.

 -your European Southern belle.