GC investigates the climate with survey

Nicole Hazlett | Asst. News Editor | Oct. 30, 2019

The Office of Inclusive Excellence put out a campus climate survey this month in order to report on perceptions of GC.

Students and faculty members were emailed this survey. 699 students and 575 faculty members responded out of about 7,000 students.

This survey was a part of the diversity action plan that GC initiated in 2014, according to Veronica Womack, Chief Diversity Officer.

The report of the survey will come out in March 2020.

Angie Yones | Art Director

“We can then use it to develop more strategic initiatives around diversity because we will know what people’s perceptions are,” said Womack. 

Students on campus are recognizing the need for diversity and those who took the survey are helping the Office of Inclusion with this goal.

“I thought it was impressive that the University was interested in how we felt about the campus climate, but I think this whole survey is more about what they do with the results,” said Katie Kiseljack, senior criminal justice major. “I’d like to see them utilize this survey to enact change on our campus to make all students feel more included and represented.” 

In order to get as many participants as possible, those working on campus that do not work in an office were given the opportunity to go into labs on campus and take the survey. 

There were posters put up around campus and at events hosted at the HUB. This was all done in an effort to get people to take the survey. 

“As I read the questions pertaining to how others may feel discriminated against, it really made me think about the privilege I have,” said Hannah Kate Mulanax, junior outdoor education major.  “I am able to not have to think about being treated different because of some parts of my identity.”

GC continues to push for diversity throughout its campus with the diversity action plan so all students can learn in a comfortable environment. 

“I’m hoping that we have made some progress in peoples’ understanding and awareness of diversity and inclusion at GC and that we’re moving forward on some of the goals that we want to achieve which is a campus climate that people feel like they are apart of and that is conducive to them being successful so that’s what we always hope,” said Womack.