Halloween creeps onto GC campus

Erin Giuliano | Staff Writer | Oct. 30, 2019

Halloween is just around the corner and students are scrambling together last-minute plans as it creeps closer. 

“This year my friends and I are all dressing up and going to a costume party and I am sure we will find ourselves downtown afterwards,” said Savannah Brown, a  junior nursing major.

 Aside from the parties that students are throwing the night of Halloween, there are a couple of events occurring at the old Governor’s Mansion. 

Professor Jarvis gives his classes extra credit for carving pumpkins and placing
them around Ennis Hall on Oct. 28
Jessica Gratigny | Asst. Photographer

The night at the Governor’s Mansion  begins with a family Halloween Tour Thursday night that starts at 5:30 p.m. Following the tour, families can enjoy Trick-or-Treating from 5:30-7:30 p.m. 

People of all ages can attend these two events, but after all the fun there is a Death After Dark Tour starting at 7:30 p.m.

The Death After Dark Tour is for mature audiences only. So, if you attend this event, expect to be a little spooked. 

“There is nothing like downtown Milledgeville on Halloween night.” -Jacob Tillman

Tickets for the family tour are two dollars for students and the Death After Dark Tour is four dollars for students. If you are interested in purchasing tickets for these events at the Governor’s Mansion call 478-445-4545. 

“My roommates and I actually plan to do Halloween different from other people,“ said Paige Magoto, a freshman undecided major.“We don’t dress up, we stay at home and watch scary movies, make each other dinner, bake Halloween cookies, and we just have a good time with each other.” 

Magato explained that it has always been a tradition in her family to stay home and participate in these activities together, so as a freshman she is going to introduce these traditions and activities to her new friends here at GC. 

On the complete opposite side of the spectrum, Milledgeville native Jacob Tillman explained that his Halloween nights consist of nothing but partying. 

“My friends and I usually find a party to go to the night of Halloween before we go downtown,” Tillman said. And although the parties are fun, there is nothing like downtown Milledgeville on Halloween night.”

Tillman explained that the atmosphere of downtown on Halloween night is different than any other night. He said he loves how everyone is dressed up and each bar is like its own separate Halloween party. 

Ryan Cox, a junior business major, agreed with Tillman. 

“Downtown is always a good time on Halloween night because everyone dresses up different which keeps you guessing on what your friends are dressed up as and keeps the night interesting, on top of that, almost everyone goes downtown so it’s like a giant party with all of GC,” Cox said. 

Cox explained that he expects this Halloween to be one to remember.

Downtown sounds like the place to be for Halloween this year and if you aren’t into partying, try out Paige Magoto’s traditions on staying in to enjoy spooky time with friends or family. 

Overall, whether you are going out to parties or downtown or staying in with friends and family to watch movies, Halloween is a night that brings people together and a night that is just around the corner!