Learning Center offers new opportunities

Erin Guiliano | Staff Writer | Oct. 9, 2019

Haley Martin | Asst. Graphic Designer

The Learning Center (LC) began offering tutoring services at different locations across campus apart from the LC as of  Sept. 30.

Tutors can be found in The Hub, West Campus and Foundation Hall on Sundays from 4- 7 p.m. and Monday-Wednesday from 7 p.m. to 10 p.m. 

Rebecca Cofer, the programs manager of the LC, said these hours are specifically offered because those are times the LC is closed. 

The LC staff chose Foundation Hall as the first residence hall to host tutoring because it is made up of predominantly freshmen and it is the hall located furthest from the main campus.

The Hub provides an atmosphere that is described as inviting that all students can easily access, and West Campus is home to hundreds of freshman and sophomores. 

The LC offers several different programs: Drop-In tutoring, the Supplemental Instruction (SI) Program, the Math Lab and PASS sessions. The SI program has long been funded with a STEM grant, but that iteration of the grant concluded in June 2019. 

With the significant success of the SI program, GC decided to fully fund it under the Learning Center. A new iteration of the STEM grant, awarded to the LC, is allowing an expansion of services they offer. 

Additionally, the LC offers the math lab. All programs provided by the LC are geared towards helping students succeed in their academics as best they can. 

Jeanne Haslam, the director of the LC, says there are over 7,000 visits to the center each semester. Tutoring sessions allow for students to receive the help they need at convenient hours throughout the school day. 

 The LC also offers other opportunities for students to improve their academic skill sets with success workshops. 

“We offered them in some freshman seminar classes but we are now offering them outside of class hours focused on topics such as test-taking skills, critical reading, note-taking and time management,” Cofer said.

She described that the success sessions are led by mostly students in the LC staff which can make students more comfortable and allow them to use YouTube and music to make material easier to relate to. 

The SI program assigns students who have previously completed a course successfully to guide facilitate study sessions for students who are presently in the course. 

Offering students these out-of-class study sessions can allow students to receive additional help from a student that has been in their shoes before. 

The PASS Program provides study sessions to classes that did not receive an SI. The classes that receive the PASS Program are decided by high DFW rates, demand for tutoring services and faculty partnerships. 

“We offer hardy and robust study sessions for GC students a few days before their major exams,” Haslam said. 

Through offering the PASS Program, students enrolled in courses who did not get assigned an SI can still receive additional help before major exams. 

Senior marketing major, Reghan Cavins, said that she can always go to the LC for help when she is stuck on a problem or concept. 

 “I recently found out about the new additions to the Learning Center and I think it is an amazing idea to offer tutoring in places like West Campus and The Hub,”  Cavins said.  “That makes it so convenient to get help when you need it.”