Understanding GC’s on-campus drinking policy

Nicole Hazlett | Asst. News Editor | Sept. 4, 2019

Angie Yones | Art Director

GC continuously upholds its students to high standards, even when it comes to alcohol.

“At Public Safety our objective is simple: to keep our community safe and ensure that everyone gets home,” said chief of GC police, Brett Stanelle.

Public Safety is in control of making decisions that will help and protect students. GC is a wet campus, but that does not mean there are not parameters that are expected to be upheld.

According to the GC student handbook, “whenever alcoholic beverages are served, equally accessible, alternative, nonalcoholic beverages and snacks, or food must also be served.”

For this reason, places downtown are considered restaurants instead of bars. A bar is not required to serve food and the student handbook mandates this. Sorority and fraternity life is another part that Public Safety is integrated with.

“If we have alcohol from a vendor or have the event at a venue, I have to include a copy of the vendors’ liquor license and liability insurance,” said Nina Minsk, AOPI social chairman.

This rule is set to keep students safe at all events. The Greek community is held to the same standard as any on-campus club.

All GC students can legally drink in their residences once they turn 21. Because GC is a wet campus this includes dorm rooms. This would not be allowed on a dry campus.

Because GC is not a dry campus, there are many opportunities for GC to teach the student body about low-risk alcohol decisions. This is another area Public Safety comes in.

Rachel Pope is the Prevention Coordinator at GC. Her primary role at GC is to teach students how to make low-risk choices in regards to their health.

Pope and GC teach freshmen about the risks that come with drinking. There are meetings that each student goes to in order to pass their freshman seminar class. On top of that, the alcohol.edu class is required before each student moves into the dorm or apartment as a freshman.

These programs are aimed toward prevention. However, if this campus was a dry campus these programs would not be given since there would be no alcohol allowed on campus whatsoever. All student events with alcohol are required to be registered with the program, Get Connected.

Get Connected is a GC website that aims to bring students more awareness to the clubs and activities going on around campus. Get Connected is a place to register club events and register if alcohol will be at the event.

If the club clicks yes to alcohol, there will be a conversation with Public Safety about when they will be arriving and what kind of alcoholic beverages are allowed at the event.

Regardless of what students choose to do on campus, there are plenty of ways GC keeps everyone safe.