Meg and Morgan get fit: GC yoga class review

Meghan Lindstrom | News Editor & Morgan Simpson | Asst. A&L Editor | Sept. 4, 2019

Meghan and Morgan give Yoga a two for sweat, a three for soreness and a five for sound
Angie Yones | Art Director

College is a new start so getting into a fitness routine is a must for some students. It is difficult to get into a rhythm with working out, but fitness classes help keep a structured routine every week.

The GC Wellness center offers free fitness classes for students on campus. Different classes vary in difficulty and intensity, so we recently went to the all-levels yoga class taught by Isadora Mosch to try out a class.

We aren’t the fittest people around, so we were looking forward to seeing what this yoga class entailed for us.

As soon as we stepped into the room we felt welcomed and in a safe space. At the beginning of the yoga class, Mosch told us to listen to our bodies, essentially meaning do not strain yourself.

Most of the exercises were not too difficult. For us, at least, the most challenging poses were the balancing stretches (we may also be the clumsiest people alive).

However, others like the warrior poses and lunges stretch out those leg muscles and tighten them. This does hurt a little but it’s a pain that feels good once pushed through.

“I never teach a move that I’m not familiar with personally, that being said, I also never teach moves that I don’t do,” said Isadora Mosch, yoga instructor and philosophy lecturer. “If I find something dangerous, if I’ve been substantially injured in a pose,(or) if I’ve been in a class where other students were getting injured in a pose, I keep those off the table.”

She leads a 50-minute class and reminds students to change their mindsets and let go of everyday life.

The good thing about Isadora’s class is you do not have to push yourself into uncomfortable positions if you do not want to. For most poses, she demonstrates different levels of the pose and instructs the class to choose which one is best for them.

“I always give modifications,” Mosch said. “I want to create a space where people don’t feel like they have to look better than the person next to them or stretch more or be more flexible or stronger.”

After intense poses, there is a cool-down period of more stretching the entire body. We are then lead to a reflection of the class. We think about our breathing and relax as we release all the stresses of the day prior to this moment.

The yoga class acts as a great reliever to GC students who lead a busy college life.

“Just having that little break from their regular daily stress allows them to kind of reset when they leave,” Mosch said.

Another factor that adds to the serenity of this class is the music. The music matches the flow patterns and positions throughout the class. According to Mosch, she plans this out so that faster, more intense positions have more upbeat songs with words, while slow stretches have soft music without lyrics.

Afterward, we left the room feeling relaxed and ready to tackle the homework for the evening.

“After the class, I felt a lot more relaxed,” said Quinn Mioti, a junior nursing major. “I am currently a little sore, which is a good thing because that’s how I know I got a good workout.”

This yoga class not only relieved our stress but also alleviate a lot of anxiety we previously had about the school week. Not only was I able to challenge my body, but I was able to challenge my mind to

“I thought the class was awesome and I would highly recommend it to any of my friends,” Miotti said.