Students shop impulsively when under pressure

Erin Guillano | Staff Writer | Sept. 4, 2019

Angie Yones | Art Director

If you are a GC student, you know that activities are limited in Milledgeville. Once a hectic day of classes winds down to an end, students have the option to spend money on unnecessary items and food. What do we call this to justify our actions? Impulse buying.

Impulse buying is purchasing an item or type of food on a sudden whim. It is generally not planned and takes place on a sudden impulse. Students impulsively buy things when experiencing stress, boredom and peer pressure.

“There’s nothing else to do when you’re bored but to spend some money,” said Faith Wellmaker, a freshman undecided major.

Wellmaker is new to the GC campus this fall, and she has already been swoon into the trend of impulse buying.

“I tend to buy more stuff when I see it in person, so I [will] most likely buy things from T. J. Maxx and Walmart like home decor and makeup,” Wellmaker said.

She further explained that if an item she likes catches her eye, it is instantly added to her cart. She typically aims for the clearance and sales sections for the more affordable items.

“I definitely impulse buy things, and it is not good for me either,” Wellmaker said, “My friends and I usually find ourselves shopping late at night for no reason other than being bored.”

She followed up with how she falls into the trap of impulse buying frequently when she wants to save money for more important things. For girls, impulse buying is a range of items from home decor, candles, clothes and shoes to fast food and snacks.

“It’s mainly my roommate that convinces me to spend money, but I can more easily spend one hundred dollars on decor than a hundred dollars on food and school,” said Bianka Kellie, a junior marketing major.

As Kellie said, should we blame our friends and roommates for our impulse buying habits?

“I have tried to get into thrift shopping and late night drives to the store, but it has always just made more sense to me to shop online, especially with the selection of stores Milledgeville has to offer,” said Haley Gibbs, a junior psychology major.

Gibbs enjoys shopping with her friends when either bored or in the mood to spend money, but when alone she tends to do the majority of her shopping online.

“Why would I drive all the way to Walmart or T. J. Maxx when I have virtually any store at my fingertips, it just doesn’t make much sense to me,” Gibbs said.

She continued on to explain that she is dissatisfied with the lack of variety that Milledgeville stores have to offer, therefore she tends to impulse buy online.

The lingering question now is, do guys impulse shop? The answer is yes.

“For me, impulse shopping per say is more of buying food, not material items,” said Gage Sharp, a sophomore exercise science major. “For example, if I am walking home from downtown with my friends, I will all [of ] the sudden find myself in line at the check out with a chicken biscuit.”

A great deal of GC students have no other choice but to fall victim to impulse buying.

It was made apparent that a fair amount of students participate in “whim” shopping when either bored or under the influence of their friends.Be careful, you may be next!